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Regardless of when and where: Learn how to create fantastic resin art
With online self-study courses from Stefanie Etter

You really want to create your own resin art? We from the Etter Art team understand.

Don't want to attend an academy? Would you prefer to learn everything at home or in your studio in peace and quiet? We'll let you in on a secret: it's possible!

Still don't want to miss out on the feeling of a workshop? The good news is that you don't have to!

Because now there are self-study courses on resin (and more) from artist and lecturer Stefanie Etter. As online courses. Just for you alone. So that you can create your art at your own pace and in your own environment.


Stefanie Etter's online resin courses are available on many topics

As a basis for all resin beginners, we recommend the comprehensive "Know-Flow-Glow-Course". With basics on resin, colours and picture composition. With the creation of a seascape. As well as sanding and polishing.

Other online resin courses include structures or You will discover marsh lime, papers and wax. My resin urban style. And much more.
A fine library of varied self-study courses on and with resin will grow here in the near future.
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What is really practical for you: Many of the materials you need to create your art with the online courses, you can find right here in our shop. So take a look around here.

What do you say? Are you part of Team Resin? We hope you enjoy discovering the contents of your online course. And have loads of fun with your artwork!