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The paper is always pure nature. Its appearance is always different. Lokta papers inspire artists from many different styles - do you too?

Discover printed paper, tie-dyed paper, embossed paper, thinner and thicker paper and paper with creases in the Etter-Art-Paperworld. Choose papers with motifs, monochrome or in different colors, or monochromatic papers without motifs.

Lokta paper is made using a centuries-old and very labor-intensive process without chemicals. It comes from Nepal, and translated Lokta means: daphne. This long-fibered raffia comes from the Daphne papyracea shrub from the Himalayas.
Raffia is the tissue found under the bark (bark) of trees. That's why Lokta paper has special properties: It has very long and particularly strong fibers, which is why it is significantly more tear-resistant than machine-made paper.

Lokta paper tempting you yet? We understand that only too well - it's one of the reasons why the Etter-Art-Paperworld exists at all...