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Do you like the look of leather? It's also available in paper form and even vegan. Our Gampi paper in the Etter-Art-Paperworld actually looks as if it were leather. It is also soft and supple like leather. Plus it comes to your home with adorable creases that are of course intentional.

Very fine. Very thin. Very strong. All this applies to Gampi papers. For example, you can use them in your art, when restoring works of art or bindings and for the chine-collé printing technique.

Gampi is a shrub, a species of plant that belongs to the Daphne family. It only grows on some Japanese islands. To make the Gampi paper, the fine and smooth leaf fibers are used. Gampi paper is also called Japanese paper.

Set extraordinary accents in your art with Gampi paper and its leather look!