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Coaster or large surface? A case for ULTRACAST XT, in 4 sizes.

Sounds contradictory, but it is not when it comes to working with this resin. The resin ULTRACAST XT is very heat resistant and therefore well suited for surfaces that have to meet this criterion.
So create coasters with this epoxy resin, or pour it onto tables, counters, kitchen worktops or even the floor. ULTRACAST XT can be used for these purposes for an extra long time, up to 80 minutes.

ULTRACAST XT is ideally suited for large-area applications such as floors, kitchen countertops, large canvases, etc. You can color it or just use it for coating or sealing. No solvents or reactive thinners are used. All the ingredients are designed in such a way that no harmful substances leak out. In addition, it is non-flammable.