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resi-METAL Pigment Paste Copper Rush 100 g


Content: 100
Farbe resi-METAL
Product number: RK10332.4
Product information "resi-METAL Pigment Paste Copper Rush 100 g"
resi-METAL Pigment paste

The new resi-METAL prepolymer pigments were specially developed as solvent-free color additives,
which crosslink chemically with the polymer binder resin. This ensures that the metallic color and
texture remain constant once the resin system has cured. They can be used
to color most polymer resin systems (epoxy, polyester and polyurethane).
The recommended amount to add is 2% -5% by weight (between 2 - 5 parts per 100).
Even a tiny amount will turn clear resins into shimmering metallic colors,
without changing or interrupting the curing cycle of the resin or the cured properties.
interrupt them. They have significantly improved resistance to fading
compared to conventional metallic flakes and powders, as well as excellent
storage stability and water resistance.

Resi-METAL pigments are solvent-free and bond evenly and quickly
into clear epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins, lacquers or sealers.

We have a selection of five colors.

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