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Product number: RK10357-001
Product information "Etter Art PREMIUM SILIKON SOFT ROSÉ 22 - Set 1 kg"


That's it.

Our Etter Art PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22 is a silicone rubber consisting of two components, base and catalyst. It is easy to process, has a low viscosity and very good flowability.

It can.

The Etter Art PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22 has a highly detailed reproduction. It hardens without reaction heat to form a durable, elastomeric plastic. In addition, it is extremely tear-resistant and flexible in use. After the hardening process, it can be easily removed from the negative model thanks to its excellent non-stick effect.

That's what it's for.

The Etter Art PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22 is suitable for impressions that have to be detailed, demanding, durable and elastic. It is particularly suitable for imprints of all kinds, such as coasters, trays, candle holders, baking tins and much more. You can also use it for casting resin, soap casting, plaster or concrete. The Etter Art PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22 is also suitable for manual or machine processing.


• Addition curing.

• Hardness: Shore A 22 (after 24 hours).

• Heat resistant up to 180 °C.

• Frost-resistant down to at least -45 °C.

• Can be stored unopened for up to two years.

• Processing at room temperature around 15 °C.

• Minimal shrinkage below 0.1%.

• Viscosity of 3,260 mPa.

• Tear strength up to 24.0 KN/m.

• Resistant up to 5.0 N/mm²

• Solvent-free.

• Food quality.

• Non-toxic.

• Non-flammable.

• Non-corrosive.

• Not harmful in contact with Skin.

Measuring, mixing and processing PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22

1.) Base and catalyst of PREMIUM SILICONE SOFT ROSÉ 22 are mixed by weight 1:1. Place the components in a suitable mixing cup.

2.) Stir the measured amount in the mixing cup. Stir slowly and thoroughly for 2-3 minutes; also on the bottom and the edges of the mixing cup until a streak-free and even rosé tone is achieved.

3.) Your mixture is ready and you now have 7-8 minutes to process the silicone. After that it becomes too thick and begins to harden.

4.) You have previously prepared your casting mold, which means: It is dusted, degreased and lying flat on your work surface. Pour the silicone from a great height into your mold in a narrow stream. The great height ensures that the result is as bubble-free as possible.

5.) Protect your form from dust or other foreign objects by working in an environment that is as dust-free as possible. The curing time is one hour at a room temperature of 23 °C. The silicone can be removed from the mold after 3 Hours.

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