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resi-BLAST, Medium to generate cells and structures


Content: 25 (€76.00* / 100 Milliliter)
Product number: RK10027
Product information "resi-BLAST, Medium to generate cells and structures"

resi-BLAST - the cell and structure medium

Create unique effects such as cells, structures and color gradients. With resi-BLAST, we provide you with a fantastic medium for this purpose.

Responsible for the effects is the tension between resi-BLAST and resin. resi-BLAST does not combine with resin, but displaces it. The only important thing is that the resin is wet.

Apply resi-BLAST in different ways: Add it directly to the mixed and colored resin in the mixing cup or drip it onto already poured resin.

Important facts about resi-BLAST

  • resi-BLAST is the perfect medium for all fans of special effects in resin art.
  • With resi-BLAST you can achieve instant effects. You don't have to do anything else, but you can - as always, that remains your decision.
  • resi-BLAST leaves an oily residue on the resin surface. This is normal. Just wait until the resin has cured and then remove the oil with a dry cloth. Or you can use this oily residue to polish the surface.
  • The effects you create with resi-BLAST are not only visible, but also tangible. So it is an optical and haptic medium. If you prefer a mirror-smooth resin surface, then pour another layer of clear resin to finish it off. Remove the oily residue of resi-BLAST beforehand - please do this only after your artwork has cured.

The application of resi-BLAST



  1. Drop resi-BLAST directly into the mixed and colored resin. You will immediately see something happening in the mixing cup.
  2. Pour this mixture onto your painting surface.
  3. Influence the resulting effects if you like: use the hot air dryer for this and create breathtaking and spectacular cells, structures and color gradients.


  1. Drop resi-BLAST directly onto the already poured resin on your painting surface.
  2. It is important that you drip on areas with at least two colors so that you create strong effects. If you drip on only one color, you will get a monochromatic effect.
  3. The right timing is also important. Drop resi-BLAST about five minutes after casting, the resin will then have the right consistency. The wrong timing will simply give you an oily drop on the resin surface, no effect.
  4. Influence the resulting effects if you like: use the hot air dryer for this and create stunning and spectacular cells, structures and color gradients.


    25 ml bottle





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January 13, 2022 09:14

Schöne Zellbildung

Im ersten Moment hatte ich gedacht, die Flasche ist aber arg klein. Aber das resi-Blast ist unglaublich ergiebig und man braucht wirklich nur ganz wenig davon für einen tollen Effekt. Man kann das resi-Blast direkt in das Resin einmischen, ich tropfe es allerdings lieber hinterher drauf. Manchmal nehme ich dafür auch einen Zahnstocher und setze klitzekleine Tropfen in einer Linie auf ein Bild. Wenn ich versehentlich mal zu viel resi-Blast direkt aus der Flasche aufgetropft habe, bilden sich kleine Krater. Aber da ich meine Bilder sowieso immer noch einmal mit einer Schicht Resin versiegle, werden die damit ausgeglichen und alles hat eine ebene Fläche.