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Hydroflow 1,75 kg


Content: 1.75 (€14.86* / 1 Kilogramm)
Product number: RK10376-001
Product information "Hydroflow 1,75 kg"

Product information "hydroflow"

hydroflow - environmentally friendly, water-based casting compound for your art

Love the flow feeling when pouring with resin or acrylic? Then you'll love hydroflow too! With hydroflow you can cast decorative and functional objects. And it's sustainable, because hydroflow is water-based. Cast small or large formats. Create cement-like surfaces that reproduce in detail what you specify with your mold - for example, made of silicone. Create smooth, rough or uneven textures and surfaces as well as fascinating color effects. You don't have any experience with pouring? That doesn't matter: working with hydroflow will be very easy for you. And you'll fall in love, too. First in the flow and then in your objects.

Possible applications Pouring compound hydroflow

  • Objects such as vases, bowls, plates, planters, coasters.
  • ornaments
  • ceramics
  • sculptures
  • Furniture pieces like side tables
  • Structured works of art

For hydroflow, there is only one limit to what you can do: your mold. Once you've cast your piece, you can work on it after you've demolded it. You can carve patterns, cut the material, sandblast it, grind it, create terrazzo effects ...

Technical data casting compound hydroflow

  • Casting compound made of two components: mineral powder, water-based acrylic binder.
  • Easy to color with water-based pigments (such as resi-TINT acrylic inks), acrylic paints or powdered tempera paints
  • Any solid can be added: for example, sand, mica, quartzite, dried shards of hydroflow ...
  • Mixing ratio: 2.5 parts powder to 1 part liquid activator
  • Pot life: 10-20 minutes
  • Drying time: approx. 20-40 minutes, demoldable in 1-2 hours, grindable after 2 hours
  • Sealing: hydroflow is porous and can be sealed with an acrylic sealer (e.g. our resi-CRETE acrylic emulsion) using a brush
  • Heat resistant up to a surface contact temperature of 125 °C
  • Shelf life: one year in sealed containers
  • Available in different set sizes (larger sets available on request, 35 and 70 kg)

Application casting compound hydroflow

Mix in the color:
Step 1: Always add the color to the hydroflow activator liquid, whether you use part of the set or the complete set.

Step 2: Then add the mineral powder. Add the powder in small amounts and mix gradually until you have a lump-free consistency.
If you want to use only part of a set: Pay attention to the standard mixing ratio. It is 1 part liquid to 2.5 parts powder. So for 100 ml of activator liquid, you need 250 g of powder. You can also experiment and make a more liquid or thicker mixture if that suits your goal better (this may change the potting and drying times mentioned).
Step 3: Once your mixture is creamy, you can stir in more pigment. This will give you a stronger color. This way you can also achieve a marble effect: Do not mix the color completely with the mass.

Pour, harden, remove from the mold:
Step 4: Immediately pour the finished mixture into your prepared mold.
Step 5: Stir the mixture in the mold to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped. This also applies if the mixture thickens quickly while pouring: just stir it.
Step 6: Let the mixture set in the mold for 20-40 minutes. Don't be surprised that the mold feels warm, this is normal.
Step 7: After one or two hours, you can unmold your finished piece. You can then edit your piece of art to your liking.

Let hydroflow inspire you to create great works.


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January 13, 2022 07:14

Tolles Produkt und tolle Ergebnisse

Ich habe bereits einige Schalen und Teller damit gegossen und bin jedesmal wieder begeistert. Es lässt sich relativ einfach anrühren und einfärben. Und für den Terrazzo-Effekt lässt sich fast alles in die Masse einarbeiten. Da die Masse innerhalb von weniger als einer halben Stunde aushärtet (je nach Dicke), hat man sehr schnell sein Ergebnis. Ich versiegle grundsätzlich immer die Oberflächen mit resi CRETE Acrylemusion. Egal, ob ich es als Seifenschale nutze oder nur so zur Deko. Das Schöne: Wenn ich spontan eingeladen bin, kann ich ruckzuck noch ein individuelles Geschenk in kürzester Zeit anfertigen. Ich habe HydroFlow schon zwei mal bestellt und werde es sicherlich noch öfter tun ;-)